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    *throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

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  5. willyoulovemeh:

    I just want to be slightly drunk, half naked, and completely on top of someone.

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  7. lesbianathogwarts:


    Ancient Roman prostitutes did something similar, but usually they would have phalluses inscribed in their sandals. So, if you were ever in the mood, you could just look down and follow the dicks.

    follow the yellow dick-road

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  8. Before the journey had even begun 

    For Bansku 

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  9. thedalekin221b:

    do I need them : no

    would I a buy them cause they are cool-assly packaged : fuck yesss

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  10. dean winchester meme: favorite scenes

    Sammy, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here. I'm not gonna leave you.

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